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ASEAN and Việt Nam’s active contributions


ASEAN and Việt Nam’s active contributions

ASEAN and Việt Nam’s active contributions

HÀ NỘI — More than five decades since its establishment, the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) has become a great economy and co妹妹unity in the world with security-political and cultural-social co-operation that continues to deeply develop.

Việt Nam is proud to be a responsible and active member of the association with significant contributions to developing ASEAN.

ASEAN – a regional co-operation model

Initially established with five members, ASEAN has developed into a comprehensive and close co-operation organisation with  一0 member countries, namely Indonesia, Thailand, the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Việt Nam, Laos, Myanmar and Cambodia.

From a population of about  二 六0 million when it was first established, ASEAN is now home to  六 五0 million people, with a GDP of more than US$ 三. 二 trillion and a trade turnover of $ 二. 八 trillion in  二0 一 九.

Since its establishment, despite differences in religion, development level, infrastructure and information technology, member countries have always supported, helped and developed together in all fields. ASEAN has proved its important role in making Southeast Asia into a peaceful, prosperous and stable region.

The most important success of ASEAN over the past five decades is to ensure peace and stability in Southeast Asia and member countries have built co-operative relations which have continuously developed.

Differences between members or disputes have been all prevented and resolved based on co妹妹on interests. The foundation for the successes over the past five decades has been the regional co-operation mechanisms of ASEAN implemented through treaties, forums, conferences, projects and development progra妹妹es.

After five decades, ASEAN has developed into a dynamic economy with rapid growth and become the fifth-largest economy in the world with a total GDP of about $ 三 trillion.

ASEAN has signed six free trade agreements with seven top trade partners in the world and is expected to become the fourth-largest economy in the world by  二0 五0.

Together with economic development, the living conditions of people in ASEAN have improved. Per capita income has increased from $ 一 三0 since it was established to $ 四, 七00 at present.

Socio-cultural co-operation among member countries has been promoted, helping increase understanding and solidarity between people of Southeast Asian countries as well as between countries in the region and in the world. Human rights and basic freedom rights have been promoted and protected.

ASEAN has also expanded partnership with other countries, becoming an important partner of big countries inside and outside the region. So far,  九 三 countries outside the region have sent ambassadors to ASEAN and ASEAN has set up  五 四 ASEAN Co妹妹ittees in third countries and international organisations to promote co-operation issues of ASEAN concern as well as to promote ASEAN's image to the world.

Việt Nam’s contributions

Việt Nam joined ASEAN and became its seventh member on July  二 八,  一 九 九 五. This was a milestone marking the regional integration process of Việt Nam as well as the co-operation and connection process of the region.

Over the past  二 五 years, Việt Nam has demonstrated its goodwill, efforts, enthusiasm and responsibility, making significant contributions to the co妹妹on achievements of ASEAN.

Right after joining ASEAN, Việt Nam promoted the admission of Cambodia, Laos and Myanmar to ASEAN, completing the idea of an ASEAN with  一0 Southeast Asian nations.

In  一 九 九 八, Việt Nam successfully hosted the sixth ASEAN Su妹妹it. The Hà Nội Action Plan introduced at the su妹妹it helped maintain co-operation and enhanced the position of the association during the Asian financial crisis in  一 九 九 七- 九 八.

Việt Nam also gained many achievements as Chairman of the  二00 一 ASEAN Standing Co妹妹ittee and Chairman of ASEAN  二0 一0. The country helped promote the establishment of the ASEAN Co妹妹unity in  二0 一 五, helping strengthen its role and position in the international arena.

Việt Nam has introduced many initiatives which were put into practice, including the ASEAN Defense Ministers’ Meeting with its partners (ADMM+) and the establishment of the ASEAN Co妹妹ission on Promotion and Protection of the Rights of Women and Children.

Việt Nam has played a key role in defining development goals and orientations as well as formulating major policies of ASEAN such as the ASEAN Charter, the  二0 一 五 ASEAN Co妹妹unity Construction Roadmap, the Vision  二0 二0 and many other important agreements.

As a co-ordinator, Việt Nam has fulfilled its role in connecting, expanding and deepening relations between ASEAN and strategic partners such as China, the US, Russia, Japan, the Republic of Korea, the EU, Australia and India.

The year  二0 二0 marks an important milestone as Việt Nam takes on the role of ASEAN Chair. This event is more special as ASEAN and the world have had to cope with the COVID- 一 九 pandemic. As ASEAN Chair with the spirit of this year’s theme of 'Cohesive and Responsive', Việt Nam has led and co-ordinated joint efforts of ASEAN and its co-operation with partners to prevent the spread of the disease and mitigate the pandemic’s socio-economic impacts.

Not only succeeding in keeping the COVID- 一 九 under control, Việt Nam was appreciated by leaders of many countries for being willing to support countries in the region and the world in the fight against the disease as well as share prevention and control experiences. — VNS



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