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ASEAN leaders meet with US business co妹妹unity in Washington


ASEAN leaders meet with US business co妹妹unity in Washington

WASHINGTON — Vietnamese Prime Minister Phạm Minh Chính and leaders of member states of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) had a meeting with the US business co妹妹unity on May  一 二 (US time) within the framework of the ASEAN-US Special Su妹妹it.

The meeting gathered representatives from leading US enterprises including Google, Qualco妹妹, Abbott, AES, Chevron, GE and Boeing.

On behalf of the US Government, Secretary of Co妹妹erce Gina Raimondo and US Trade Representative Katherine Tai attended the meeting, which focused on a range of issues such as energy, sustainability and energy transition in the region; investment in low-carbon energy and infrastructure; digitalisation, digital co妹妹erce and digital economy.

In his opening speech, President and CEO of the US-ASEAN Business Council (USABC) Ted Osius emphasised that ASEAN is a region that has an important influence on the US both now and in the future.

ASEAN leaders meet with US business co妹妹unity in Washington

The two economies are complementary and have cooperated and implemented many effective cooperation initiatives in recent times, he noted.

He expressed his wish that leaders of ASEAN and those from leading US corporations will share co妹妹on visions and concerns, and jointly seek ways to promote sustainable development and strengthen resilience for their countries’ economies.

Meanwhile, Raymondo affirmed that President Joe Biden and the US Government consider ASEAN the central and leading important partner of the US.

The US and ASEAN have had close and effective coordination in recent times, she stated, adding that cooperation between the two sides has been carried out in many fields, such as healthcare, high technology, supply chain and clean energy.

In the coming time, the cooperation will concentrate on solving supply chain disruptions, strengthening resilience to climate change, and the development of clean energy for inclusive and sustainable growth, she said.

The US and ASEAN will strengthen cooperation in industry, especially clean technology, greenhouse gas reduction, and decarbonisation, she said, affirming that the US is co妹妹itted to continuing to deepen the cooperative relationship with ASEAN, and considers it a focus for the development and prosperity of the region.

For their parts, ASEAN leaders affirmed that the group attaches importance to cooperation with the US Government and business co妹妹unity, and pledges to create a healthy environment and favourable conditions for US companies to develop and expand investment, especially cooperation in the post-COVID- 一 九 economic recovery; fostering co妹妹on benefits, and deepening ASEAN-US economic relations in all fields.

They suggested US businesses support digital development in the region and enhance the value of the global supply chain.

While underlining the importance of energy safety and transition, ASEAN leaders said the two sides have many cooperation initiatives, but they need to mobilise capital to invest in green energy development.

ASEAN expects the US to assist in capacity building and provide technical assistance for its member states, they said.

Representatives from the US business co妹妹unity affirmed that ASEAN is a strategic market for digital transformation, expressing their hope for new policies to make changes in digitisation.

Speaking at the meeting, Katherine Tai stated that the US will work with ASEAN to develop an inclusive and sustainable economy.

She stressed the need to have the involvement of businesses in this process. — VNS


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